This website is the continuously evolving effort of many people from many disciplines within Sheffield Hallam University’s Art & Design Research Centre (C3Ri) PHD program and its wider circles. It is a wiki, meaning that every student, staff person, and faculty member of the School can change this website’s content or add to it at any time.

Its purpose is both to advertise/share/update our community easily, but to also document a forever evolving, ongoing, building of a creative and supportive, rigorous research community. This site will serve as part communication, part dialogue, part archive, part experimental. We hope to capture the diverse voices of the people in our ever-growing community, with their difficult and extremely interesting issues and questions that come out of exploring practice-based research and researching using creative methods.

That said, we, as a collaborative community, are confident that the information on this website is as reliable as that on any website and more open to diverse voices and perspectives than most. In order that it remains so the site’s interactivity is to be used freely but widely. This means the site might seem all eclectic, mashed-up, diverse, messy, beautiful, reflective, or editorial at any one given time. We love that it will flow with whoever commits time to it. Much like how communities grow.  As you move through it you may, in consequence of such openness, encounter content that surprises you or with which you don’t agree. And that will be the sign that this site reflects life in our institution and community in all its heterogeneous dimensions.